Here you will find helpful information, marketing collateral, and general information to help you close sales and earn more from the program. If you are planning to market using email lists or would like to bid on terms covered under our mark (our name, tagline, etc), please be sure to contact us for prior approval of your campaigns.

Affiliate Linking

Sales are tracked via your assigned link code.  There are two types of link codes available to you and the numeric string for your ID number is available in your Affiliate Stats area.

More information about link code usage can be found here.


Need help?  Have a question?  Use the Support link in the menu bar; we’ll reply in an email, usually within an hour.

Merchant support is accessed via their admin dashboard in the lower left side tabs.

Banner Ads & Collateral

We provide a collection of banner ads and other creatives for use in online marketing campaigns.  These collections are updated at least twice a month and can be used on blogs, web promotions and other marketing efforts.

Articles & Whitepapers

This section provides up to date information about mobile coupons, digital wallets, and beacons.  Understanding how these are being implemented by large companies with big budgets will help you to craft a story for potential merchants, as well as providing you with the knowledge you need to answer questions from prospective merchants about the platform and technologies in use.


Everyone loves a good infographic!  Infographics are visual representations of information and can convey meaning quickly and simply.  The infographics section is updated several times each month and materials generated in-house are also posted to our Pinterest pages.

Merchant Graphics Library

The Merchant Graphics Library is available to all merchants using the MobileSavings.net platform.  There are currently more than 1,000 categorized images that are sized for both the installed passes and for Merchant Announcement Page additions.  The library is updated with new images each month, and is accessible from the merchants dashboard when logged in to the system.

POS (point of sale) materials are also updated each month.

Merchant Admin Tutorial Videos

We’ve created a series of simple help video tutorials for the merchants – accessed from the drop down Help menu in the upper right corner of their dashboard.  Each video focuses on a specific part of the admin and demonstrates how to use it quickly and easily, insuring that merchants spend their time creating and distributing coupons  – not trying to master a complicated administration.

The video tutorials are also available as part of the affiliate marketing tools.

Live Webinars

Each month, we host at least one webinar for merchants and affiliates.  These run for 30-60 minutes and we make program announcements, discuss new and updated technologies, followed by a Q&A with the audience.