It’s got to be great to be Apple…  you launch a revolutionary new process for paying for things, you’re not a bank, you have no previous experience other than iTunes at managing payments, and you convince the rest of the world to advertise your product for you.  And you don’t have to pay them to do it.   And you post record profits due to selling so much more hardware than you have before.

MasterCard talks about how great Apple Pay is here.

We, of course, love Apple Pay and all the attention that it’s drawing to iPhones, iOS, and using mobile phones in general.  We’re hoping Google Wallet comes into this decade at the next I/O this year too.

Any time consumers are exposed to new technology, adoption speeds up with recognition and association.  While many people won’t be using Apple Pay since there’s nothing wrong with their existing 5s and 5c models, they will be using Passbook – it’s here to stay.  Get your merchants onboard or they’ll be left behind when it’s not just the usual big companies doing it, but the small guys down the block will be too.