I’m asked a lot – what are the best businesses to target when I’m scheduling demos (or setting up lists, drilling down in FB targeting, etc) and there really is no single answer.  I like to think of it as more of a what businesses are more likely to buy today, as opposed to who is buying – frankly, I can come up with (and already have) a use case both for AND against nearly every business in existence that I think might consider doing mobile promotions, beacons, location based targeting or always-on customer contact.

What makes a business a good fit for MobileSavings.net?  First, they have to be a business that could benefit by being able to contact their customers via a mobile device directly.  Right, that’s nearly any business.

Second, and most important to me, they have to want the value add that MSN brings to the table.   There are a lot of companies who spend a LOT of money on advertising – print, radio, yellow pages, and that sort of marketing – and they understand what they are getting for the money they spend.  They may not realize that much value on a per consumer basis for that spend, but it’s the devil they know and they’re good with that.

Offering a merchant the chance to reach out to customers any time (within reason – please tell them to go gently at first so they don’t overwhelm the consumers with too many push notifications) is like no other advertising they will ever do…  there’s a definite relation to social media marketing here, but MSN extends the ability to market down to a one on one level, while still offering the one to many distribution.    Don’t forget that by posting new promotions on social media, MSN offers a valuable extension to those efforts.

The back links from the Merchant Landing Page (and the social media offers posting) are also invaluable to merchants who are doing buys with Adwords or other PPC/RPG platforms.  The ability to use the passes to deep link into existing apps that a merchant may have developed is also a strong value add.  The fact that we leverage Apple’s Passbook, which allows the user to click through on phone numbers, URLs and addresses to dialers, browsers and maps, is HUGE.  Fingers crossed that Google catches up soon, with both the beacons functionality and the ‘back of pass’ extensions.

MSN is not specifically designed to be used in lieu of the merchants current advertising; it’s meant to complement it and be used in addition to their current lineup in many cases.  Newspaper or periodical advertising?  Add the pass QR code into the ad and reap long tail rewards from distribution over time.  Weekly inserts in mail or news delivery?  Again, add the QR code!  Links on existing websites, either via the Merchant Landing Page or directly to the pass installation links, are great ways to start cross leveraging collateral.

Questions, comments?  To quote and oldie but a goodie – “I’m listening…”