Each affiliate has an individual stats page.  On the stats page, you will find helpful information such as account specific link codes, as well as charts and graphs detailing your performance in the program.

Change My Password – if you would like to request a password change, this is the place to do it.

Affiliate Linking Codes –  detailed information about how to use the link codes, along with the customized URL string for your account ID.  More information about Link Codes can be found here. 

Stats – 

Referrals – Referrals will display the number of visits to your page and the ratio of visitors to sales.  If you are doing in-person sales and using your Affiliate Landing Page as the starting point for presentations, these stats will not accurately reflect the number of visits but will correctly display the number of sales.

Payouts – Payouts will display the commissions currently pending and those that have closed (been paid).

Monthly Earnings – Monthly earnings is a detailed report of your commissions on a month by month basis.

We also provide a graphed format of your performance.

Current copies of the Affiliate Terms & Conditions and Commission Schedule are available here also.