Up Against Reasons Up Against Answers
As many people may not be technically aware of all requirements. You’ll come across the existing infrastructure preventing us from moving forward. They don’t have a sense of how easy it is to use our platform. They believe it’s a big cost when its not an issue. It is simply a webpage and easy to follow steps , you’ll guide through it. Have support system in place to assist.
Hard to quantify the ROI Provide case studies, stats and low cost
Store already has too much going-on projects What they’re really saying is that they don’t’ have time or too busy. Follow up
Operations –cultural barrier to change if the merchant your pursuing doesn’t use social media or have a website and are not interested in the internet, then they are a cold prospect, you’ll have other barriers to overcome, move forward.
Operations conflicted that tools and technology are too much of a distraction. Show them how easy it is to use and will increase their ROI
Not fit into budget Low Cost and will increase their revenue when used in conjunction with their other promotions.


We are here to simplify the in store technology, not make it more complex.

Our platform is easy to use and set up, it’s a digital experience in a physical store.