To call or not to call?

That is the question most affiliates ask when they are figuring out how to approach a SMBs. You want your first interaction to a positive experience.

The same question applies to email or not to email?

Whether you pick up the phone or call or a combination of both, there are two big selling strategies to know is undersell the platform during the initial call. This is for you to set up your pitch, not to give it. Make an appointment for the next day or two while you’re still fresh in their minds.

Essentially, don’t share all the details over the phone or by email. Leave it where you can explain the solution in person. Don’t show all your cards, as you risk explaining the solution to the point where there’s no longer a “curiosity”.

The next tip is that you’re selling them a solution. The solution is our platform: Mobile Savings Network

Below is a popular sales template to be used as a guideline best to make it your own.

A popular sales approach to get prospects responding to you is:


Hi [Manager Name],

This is [Sales Name] with Atlas Rewards. We work with SMBs in improving their offerings and loyalty benefits. Reason for my call/email is that there’s a possibility that we may be able to help increase your orders and customer base by up to an additional 45%. We recently did this for [Competitors Name Here] and I’d like to see if we could get similar results for your company as well. I’d like to meet with you to demo our solution to you.


In the email remember to use #physicalmeetsdigital

Now that you’ve got your appointment, practice the demo at home a few times, to close the sale.