What kind of Merchant should I be looking out for?

All merchants are prospects, once you figured out your prospects then arrange them as Cold, Medium or Hot prospects.

At Atlas Rewards we define a Merchant as a company with a physical presence such as a retail store or restaurant, including special events.  Merchants may also be in the service industry, such as lawn care service, home or office service providers like carpet cleaners, plumbers, etc.

Basic questions to ask yourself when prospecting merchants:

  • What kind of merchant are they? Be specific in categorization and familiarize yourself with the company
  • What are they selling? Being armed as to the products they sell will help earn the sell
  • Is there Wi-Fi in the store? That’s a good indicator if they use the internet or not
  • Do they have a website? If not, see if they are on Yelp and read the reviews.
  • Do they have social networking? Do they have a Facebook page or a Twitter account?

Prepare yourself, go in armed with knowledge about the company you’re selling too and be ready to pitch.