If you’re doing in-person sales, you may need to explain the process of using the Merchant Graphics Library to a new merchant.

It’s a relatively simple process, when they are attempting to add a Featured Image to their Announcements or a banner image to their pass, they’ll want to navigate to the location of the Library and select an image from the folders located inside.

In the How To Video titled Create a New Template from Social Media Account (see the bottom of this post for the video), there is a relatively clear sequence of this process.  The only thing that would change is the location of the Library.

If a merchant is working directly from the flash drive, then the location is a drive, usually assigned a letter temporarily in Windows machines and going only by name in Mac machines.  The merchant simply plugs in the flash drive and navigates to the folder.

If the merchant is using a tablet for managing their program, they may not have a USB port for a flash drive.  We have made the Library accessible (from the Help Dropdown menu in the upper right of the merchant dashboard) as a series of downloadable folders based on the category, and included a preview page for each of the category folders.