Know your digital coupon:

As you demo the platform to your prospect they are going to have questions. One of the basic questions merchants ask is: what do I need to make this work? Referring to “this” as the digital coupon.

What they are really is asking is: does it take a lot of time to set up a digital coupon?

The answer is not at all. By you knowing certain aspects of the digital coupon, you will give you an edge when speaking with your merchant. Keep this information bookmarked for future reference. Merchants will be able to refer to this information on either the flash drive in document to print for later or our Quick Help guide when they log into their account.



Quick specifications guide:

Front of the pass:

Upper left side logo 100×100 pixels

Banner across the badge of the pass 624×246 pixels

The body of the pass contains two lines called auxiliary fields.

The primary auxiliary field is 34 characters and is in bold font

The secondary auxiliary field is 48 characters in standard font.


Back of the pass:

By clicking the circled i in the bottom corner of the pass, will turn the pass to the back.

There you can set the redeem parameters and the terms and conditions of the coupon.

The final field is used to put contact info on the pass such as your address and phone number or webpage URL.


The easiest way to set up a digital coupon is to use their current images from their Facebook page or Twitter account. For alternative images, check out our media library where we supplied over 1000 images for any business to use immediately.

If the merchant has their own images or insists on custom image. They will have to supply it themselves or we can the images for an additional fee. Please contact us if this is the case.