Our affiliate link code system has two options available, and each serve a different purpose.

For in person sales, or for online affiliates who have not crafted their own collateral, the wise choice is to send prospects to your landing page.

Landing page links use this format:

AffiliateAccount.MobileSavings.net — for instance,  our demo user, John Doe – would have a link that looks like this:


This link leads to John’s affiliate landing page, which is a front door to the platform sales system. This page is up to date with the current promotions campaign and helps John to initiate the sales process with a potential merchant.

For affiliates who have crafted their own marketing collateral, it could be more convenient to bypass the ‘front door’ and send a potential merchant directly to the Pricing & Plans page of the site, using this link:


Either of these links is valid for commission credit, and we encourage affiliates to create marketing campaigns with their own materials (email or Adwords campaigns need pre-approval) if they feel that it will increase their conversion ratio or close more sales.

Most affiliates will use a combination of these links to direct traffic based on the source.  If you have any questions regarding the implementation or usage of the links, we’re happy to answer them!