During the summer of 2014, Hillshire Farms decided to test the use of beacons as a way to promote a new premium product line they were introducing – American Craft Sausage Links.

This was the first nationwide deployment of beacons, and they released their findings in the fall of 2014.  The campaign ran in the top 10 markets for grocers nationally, and used an app that would send messages to both iOS and Android phones.

Purchase intent increased 20 times over those without contact via the app; a 36% increase in brand awareness was recorded.

The campaign garnered 6000 interactions in the first 24 hours after launch, and demonstrated more than a 500% increase in CPG over current mobile marketing campaigns.

For more details, see the published Overview on the platform site.

Note – to send messages to Android devices, it currently requires a standalone app, only iOS devices receive them by default.