Not everyone is going to say “yes” the first time.


As much as we want them too, following up until they say “yes” is an art. As you want to do it in an effective manner without being called out as that “annoying sales person that keeps calling”

  • Ask for guidance: how can I stay in touch with you? Provide them with added value without being an annoyance.
  • Ask how they liked to communicate and if they’ll respond. Through calling, email, messaging service. Email being a popular method to communicate with. Don’t overwhelm them with asking about social media, take it upon yourself to find out. An email is all you need. By agreeing to then responding to you, holds then accountable through the process
  • Set up the next meeting when you end the meeting. The easiest time for someone to commit to the next step is when there is defined next scheduled. Without a commitment on their end it makes it harder to re-engage with your prospect
  • Summarize your conversation and get written confirmation. Summarize in an email to client the conversation this insures that your are both on the same page, it shows you were listening and put the accountability back the prospect.
  • Have a reason to reach out to the prospect. Look for articles pertaining to their business that you might be able to make a connection to.  Keeping the relationship moving forward. Just touching base and check-in is friendly not selling.