Everyone has predictions, most of them are bunk.  One company that does have a good track record with predictions is a financial firm called GPBullhound.   Funny name, smart guys.

Takeaways from their GP-Bullhound-Technology-Predictions-2015 —

A year ago, we predicted that Indoor Location Communication and Marketing would break through and 2014 supported this trend. While less than 1% of the 3.6 million retail stores used beacon technology1, we saw a number of large retailers leading the way for beacon technology implementation. For example, Macy’s implemented beacon technology in nearly 800 stores across the country2, mobile shopping startup InMarket installed iBeacon technology in over 100 grocery stores3, and the National Football League used beacon technology during the Super Bowl.

Location is big, it continues to be big, and small merchants are either going to get onboard or be left behind.  Our technology offers them the chance to compete with giants like Macy’s, Duane Reed, Sephora, Pep Boys,  and many, many more.

Software innovation and better use of data will be key focus areas for IoT players to drive faster mainstream adoption and build consumer loyalty. Smartphones are key components of IoT and act as a gateway for other IoT devices. Software innovation will start with the mobile apps on our smartphones. We will see new features that add an array of benefits, and lower friction to take weight off of consumers’ shoulders. We expect to see more intelligent context-aware applications that automatically collect data from multiple sources, learn, make recommendations, and, in some instances, take action without requiring input from users.

Mobile wallets, such as Apple Passbook and Google Wallet, and iBeacons are the front runners in usable IoT right now.  They require no additional investment by the merchant and the consumer side support and software updates are handled by Apple and Google, so the customer almost always has the current version in their device.

Constant contact opportunities with customers is a key selling point for closing merchant signups.  Our beacons that we provide merchants with their setup are immediately usable and don’t require any programming or technical knowledge to implement.

Geo-fencing and iBeacons use push notifications based on macro and micro location of consumers.   Merchants can broadcast flash sales, inventory reduction sales, general messages about changes in hours specific to the day, etc – all are easily implemented.

Our system is simple, easy to use and allows for rapid creation and distribution of new coupons and campaigns.  Our Merchant Graphics Library contains more than a thousand images that are pre-sized for both the passes and the Merchant Announcements Page updates.  We’ll be adding at least 100 new images every month to the library to insure fresh collateral for merchants to use, with special focus on seasonally themed graphics.

If you have any questions regarding functionality, email one of us directly and we’ll make sure we get answers for you quickly.